What is Living Consciousness?

Ascended World is a platform to open doors into a world of Remembrance. It's establishing a foundation of living an entire existence in consciousness, always in sight and consideration of the bigger picture. In an Ascended World, we commit ourselves to walking the talk of a new way of embodiment, integrated with the whole of our Higher Self and the Multiverse... something we've been out of the habit of BEing and DOing for eons.

All of what is here is to support this new foundation. Are you ready to BE this, DO this? If so, join us, be the living example in an Ascended World!


Perceptions and experiences in an Ascended World

Just Do It!

Why do you think we are born into this world? Why do we choose to incarnate? Is it just to live a random amount of time then die?  Are we here to accomplish a specific Read more…

Are You Listening?

We walk through our days bombarded with stimulus. Lights, noise, events, smells, emotions and thoughts.  All based in energy. And that energy interacts with our personal energy field. It filters through the unique energy pattern Read more…

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