In spiritual circles, we talk about “living love”… specifically unconditional self love, where ALL of our – and the world’s – healing begins.

It’s a journey, to say the least, and dedication to it is constantly looking in the mirror, as plain as we can see.

This can definitely be uncomfortable to the ego!

Part of it has to do with us incarnating in such density, such separation, in duality and separation of all kinds… exploring a variety of “me”” and “not me” to all kinds of levels.

I committed myself to seeing it all from early on in my active spiritual journey. It was a bit of an effort at first, because I had craftily hidden away so much in so many cracks in crevices, in many lifetimes and many corners of the multiverse.

Things that I judged about my experiences.

I decided, after tears and sadness upon remembering some of these hidden away things, experiences, that instead I would continue on as the benevolent observer, like I was watching a movie, so I could see how it all fit into the bigger picture.

As I’ve continued over the years to see more of the more of the bigger picture, I judge less and less. However, recently I found some hidden away resentments, anger, and overall triggers that caused me to start saying to myself, “I apologize to and forgive myself for that… and the business… and…” and suddenly, there was a huge list that just rolled into my consciousness:

My mother, my father, my biological family, my husband, my children, my pets, my friends, my soul tribe, my competitors, all who I believed had wronged me, all who believed I had wronged them, Earth and all on it, duality and separation itself, my business, my house, my body, money, food/nourishment, the government, business in general, grief, the ego….and at the end, it all boiled down to apology and forgiveness to ME.

It shocked me to find so many cracks and crevices left, so many iotas of triggers and discomfort! Holding myself at that vibration was HUGE; I felt so much wash away at that observation, of that seemingly tiny little act of clean up. It felt so huge I’ve stayed with it pretty consistently for several weeks, and I feel GREAT!

I’ve worked with clients and students over the years on forgiveness in a big way, but this is like a completely different level of vibration; it’s right in the doorway to realizing the even more expanded version of our Divine Self.

I had a client last year with whom I was working on self-love and self-realization. As with many other clients and students, one of the “home play” exercises I gave her was to look in the mirror at least once every day – preferably buck naked LOL – and say “I love you” to herself. After a few weeks between sessions, she came back to me and told me of all the exercises I gave her, she had the most challenging time with that one. Upon more discussion and intuiting, we opened up a lot of self-loathing on some past events and choices. So, I switched her exercise over to “I apologize and forgive you.” A few weeks later, she returned to me and told me that she HAD been able to do that… and it was AWESOME! She felt so much better; it wasn’t too long after that until she could start really saying “I love you” to herself… because she had started, in essence, letting go of all the things she  had been holding against herself.

Sarah and I have talked about all of this on our Ascended World podcast, but it wasn’t shortly after that, when we were talking one day, that Sarah told me she’d woken up with the idea for us to do an easy 28 Days of Forgiveness program for the month of February… simple and powerful! So, we put it all together, and it’s up here and ready!

We are very much looking forward to facilitating this program, because we know it will not only bring clarity and huge clearings to all who participate… it will also (as always) just as powerful for us!

So, whether or not you take the 28 Days of Forgiveness course (see the information and register here), start with this: Buck naked, stand in the mirror, every day, look yourself in the eyes, and say, “I apologize to and forgive you.” Do it until it feels good. They, when you feel ready, move on to “I love you”… and know you mean it.

I still do it, every day.







Much love,

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Karen Kennelly · February 2, 2021 at 2:07 pm

This was SO timely to reread this morning, especially with today being day 2 of the program. I have to say I’m ‘NOT’ happy with the ‘homeplay’ assignment, but that just shows me what I need to work on hahah so thanks honestly for that!

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