We are being bombarded with so much chaos and chatter right now. As a result, so many are looking for “healing”. I really wonder if most even understand what being healed really means.  It has become such a catch phrase.  Referring to Everything from curing a deadly disease to evolving to a higher consciousness or ascending.

Over 10 years ago, while attending a healing school, I heard it mentioned that death was the ultimate healing. I didn’t question that, just accepted it as truth. It’s always been in the back of my mind. That when we leave our physical bodies, everything resolves. All discomforts and disbeliefs dissolve away. Something to look forward to! The only price for that would be not being here in the now anymore. Guess that’s why we don’t hear about the masses rushing to that healing option.

But a few weeks ago, it occurred to me when we die nothing happens in regard to healing. We take it all with us. The insecurities, pain, beliefs, everything. I have to admit as contrary as that is to what I previously believed, it made perfect sense. What was the basis for this thought? When we die and leave our physical body, the only thing to change is our perspective. What we believe to be our truth and reality is different. Bingo! Essentially the healing I initially referred to earlier was actually just an adjustment of our perspective. It’s a return to our authenticity. Which makes all the conversations around creating our own reality fall right into place like a perfectly fitting puzzle.

So, what if we embraced that healing today? Adjusted our perspective NOW? Live like we’re dying! Live embracing our full healing now! Align with our authentic self NOW! And yes, we’re powerful enough to “heal” deadly diseases as well as resolving uncomfortable and unwanted situations. It’s all about the authentic perspective. What we think about we bring about!  Where your attention goes, energy flows! That’s the purpose for each and every one of us.  It’s why we’re here. It’s what we came to do.

Angela and I have talked about this so often on our weekly Ascended World podcast. And the importance of finding your authenticity through self-love and forgiveness. It is the calm in the storm of chaos and chatter. Join us every Monday!


Sarah Sieg Avignone

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Gloria Chedraue · February 6, 2021 at 11:50 am

very interesting and well put Sarah. Some I have to mull over, but much of what you said i think I’ve come to believe as I’ve gotten older. Besides what is there to fear about death ( being said by someone who is close to approaching), nothing I say. Its just another aspect of life. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful thought.

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