There’s apology… and forgiveness… and in expanded consciousness, there’s coming to gratitude for the experience. Do you complete that circle… or have you stopped somewhere along the way?

Have you even entered the circle?

When Sarah and I started down the path of creating the 28 Days of Forgiveness Program here, we knew it would be powerful… but we weren’t consciously aware of how interconnected all of this would be with everything else! We’ve both been active participants in the program, just as much as we are the creators… and it’s incredible to me how much has come up through the process of being a participant… and opened the doors to other, “unforgiven” and unacknowledged things.

It’s been VERY clearing… and VERY freeing!

In my practice, over the years, I’ve worked with many who have been abused early in life – physically, sexually, and/or emotionally – and who have held on to the resentment, fear, and anger for years. One of the things we focus on those situations is first transcending the judgment of the situation; then I ask, “If you were looking at your life as a puzzle, and you saw this piece, how would you say this piece was a catalyst?” Almost always, without being blinded by the judgment of the situation, they can answer pretty quickly as to the catalyst that situation provided on their journey. When they can see that, they can typically come to resolution with it… and yes, eventually even gratitude for the completion of the situation as it was agreed with the other(s) involved.

When that circle is complete… the energy of it stops being a boulder and instead washes away like a pebble.

Those are definitely extreme situations; however, we don’t think about the endless number of “things” against which we hold judgment – a.k.a. grudges – that limit the directions we take in our lives. Prior to doing this program, I “thought” (ego insertion LOL) I had hit most of it all; I “thought” wrong!

It started with a feeling… and a knot in my stomach about something that was there one morning upon waking. I looked at it inwardly without engaging emotion; let the consciousness flow through it as I lay in bed. One thing connected to another… and to another… and then I realized I was not only angry at my business, but I also felt like I had mistreated it, too. So, I was guided to go through apology, forgiveness… and then acceptance… and finally gratitude.

Then, a whole download on many, many “things” that I had uneasiness with, a trip up in the flow. And when I looked… voila, there was opportunity for the same! I did a few days of a continuously growing list, and hadn’t even realized how much weight they had all held, all little pebbles that filled up a sack that weighed… well, a LOT.

What a breath of fresh air!

Sarah and I talked about it – as we do – and a few days later, she reached out, excited with a huge download she’d had. She’d woken up with the idea to do this course – 28 Days of Forgiveness – in this same vein, along with the entire list of what we could focus on in each of the days.

And so, the program was born!

The key here, above all else, is Remembering to complete the whole circle: apology, forgiveness, acceptance, embrace (the situation as perfect in the bigger picture), gratitude, and completion. It covers all sides of the situation… and completes it.

Why, you might ask, is there a need for BOTH apology and forgiveness in a given situation? 

Well, at some level, we know we create our reality. Even in a situation where we’ve fully believed we were a victim, at some level, we often prefer not to look at the understanding that “Having is evidence of wanting”… and that if we create our reality – and we do – what is in our reality is something we wanted for some lesson, some catalyst… something.

When we first start looking at that, often self-judgment jumps right in… Why would I have created that? That’s bad So, then, apologize to yourself for putting that in there. Apologize to the soul family member who agreed to play it out for you in the 3D… and then forgive all of the above. Accept, embrace, have gratitude for it serving it’s purpose in the bigger picture… and then deem it complete… allow its completion.

I say it simply here… and I know it’s often a process. But it is a very powerful circle to complete, in any place in our consciousness where we hold a skip, an irritation, a resentment, or a grudge. It allows us to reclaim our reality, to free ourselves of what we allow to hold us back… and thus, it’s a huge tool on our path to Remembrance.

Ready to dig in? Hop on over to the 28 Days of Forgiveness page! The program is self-paced, and includes a 10-15 minute video daily, a workbook with daily prompting exercises, an energy clearing in each of the videos, an affirmation, and an open discussion forum for all participants. Simple and powerful… the best way to be! Through February 28, 2021, the launch price will remain, at $28! After that, the program will be $128… STILL a bargain for all you get! Hope you join us!







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Gloria Chedraue · February 23, 2021 at 12:43 am

the 28 days of forgiveness is an awesome program. I love all the questions posed, with the 10 to 15 minute video. I can go at my own pace (sometimes, I definitely need more than one day to process whatever step I’m on) I recommend the program highly. Ingenious, so simple and yet so complex.

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