We walk through our days bombarded with stimulus. Lights, noise, events, smells, emotions and thoughts.  All based in energy. And that energy interacts with our personal energy field. It filters through the unique energy pattern that we create and hold around us.  We react, or not, based on messages from our heart and mind. And then we move on to the next stimulus. Sounds like we’re little amoebas in a petri dish being experimented on with a variety of stimulus and our response is being recorded as we simply go about living. Life in the laboratory of the Multiverse.

So, who’s doing the observing and recording? And why? Well, being the divine and powerful Beings that we are, it is us observing us. Our facet of the Wholeness communicating with the Wholeness. Not only that but we’re sending ourselves messages within the stimuli. Sharing answers to our deepest questions. Showing us our divinity and power. Guiding us to the fulfillment of our strongest desires. It isn’t just random events happening TO us. Nothing is coincidence or by accident. It is there to be a constant reminder of who we are.

Are you a listener or simply responding in isolation? Do you hear and acknowledge these messages? Do you ask intentionally? I know most believe they participate in their day to day living. But participation isn’t proactive guiding/responding and growing. I see it more like the ball in the old pinball games. Spinning and moving wherever the bumpers and flippers send it. Reacting to a stimulus.

I want to embrace all the messages I am sending myself.  Always. And to do that, I have to be open and alert to them. When I first began understanding this concept, I felt a little overwhelmed and found it tiring to always be looking for the messages and answers. But once I untrained myself to be blind and deaf to them, my world opened up.  The connections or communications are always there and once they’re acknowledged, they open up even more.  Like the phrase “use it or lose it “is perfect here.

The more I recognized and used this communication, the more natural it became.  Automatic.  A way of living where I acknowledge that I am the observer and participant and I actively influence all of it. I feel so much connection and freedom within my world and reality. And I trust these messages, after all they are from me! I would always have my best interest at heart.  What a game changer.

Making this shift also showed me how much we spend our lives in victimhood.  Feeling at the mercy of coincidence and chance.  Which builds up resentments and anger. So along with the active awareness of ongoing communications, I practice expanded forgiveness when I forget to see things for the message they are. Apology and forgiveness bring gratitude and love. And that in and of itself, is a message as well! Just another example of how it all beautifully interconnects.

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