If there’s one MAJOR element of consciousness that affects all others in duality/separation… I’ve found it’s worthiness. I (half) joke all the time with clients, students, and friends how energetically, everything that causes friction, upheaval, or plain old limitation in our lives is “less than 2 degrees from” (un)worthiness… of course, a vague referral to that old game from the ’80s,  “6 Degrees of Separation from Kevin Bacon” (and if you don’t know what that is, you can Google it).

I’m constantly looking at this within myself, too!

In the consciousness community, most will nod and say, “Oh, yes… I worked on that…” Like it was done in a workshop one Sunday afternoon.

However, my understanding – experience from well more than a decade of continuous, commited intuitive self-work and in working with so, so many individuals – is that if there are any ho-hum or limited parts in our lives, energetically, there is SOME tie to a remaining something-or-other in relation to unworthiness. This includes ALL aspects of our lives: physical, mental, emotional, environmental, and spiritual.

To connect the dots, here are some examples of situations and common underlying beliefs of unworthiness:

  • Patterns and presence of toxic, limiting, or so-so relationships: “I’m unworthy to share in wonderful, completely enjoyable relationships where I allow myself to be 100% authentically me in a place of equal partnership and self-responsibility for our happiness.” 
  • Financial mediocrity or lack: “I’m unworthy to be wealthy/prosperous/financially comfortable in life,” or “I just don’t have the kind of luck to have prosperity,” or “I just want to ‘have enough’ to pay the bills” (indicating unworthiness around having plenty to pay the bills and a lot more than that).
  • Chronic health issues: “I’m unworthy to completely enjoy my life by being vibrant and healthy,” or “I’m unworthy to be free of physical ailments and illness,” or even, “I’m only human” (meaning, “I’m unworthy of being infinitely powerful”).
  • “No Pain, No Gain”: “I’m unworthy to have successes, pleasure, and happiness in life without suffering of some sort.”
  • Self-Sacrifice/Martyrdom: “I’m unworthy to be loved as I am, so I must do everything I can to get others to approve of me and/or see me as a kind/good person; therefore, I must give up myself for others.”
  • Marginal Success/Job Issues: “I’m unworthy to be seen, recognized, and utilized in the way that would allow me to be 100% authentic, live my passion (what makes my heart sing), and be justly compensated for it.”

Of course, there are many, many more… these are just examples. AND, there are more elements typically underneath each issue beyond just unworthiness, but it’s a great place to start!

What’s really interesting is how culturally and globally, we’ve idealized some of these situations. For example, one of the biggest masks and play on the ego’s beliefs of unworthiness is the stance that one “should make sure you do _________________ for the good of others,” or “Look how good I am because I took this on for someone else…”  The reality is, we most often do things for others simply because it makes us feel good about ourselves… and really, we feel good about ourselves because others will see us as “good” because we did that (so we must be “good,” right?)… as if we aren’t worthy of feeling good and in a place of love for ourselves unless others see us that way.  When we shift to come from a place of innate worthiness, then we just do as we are guided… and feel good all the time. We tend to do MORE for those around us – not less, as many would claim to be the case – because the cup runneth over… and once we remember that we’re innately worthy, then all we can do is see everyone and everything else around us as innately worthy, too!

And, what’s the biggest parable of unworthiness that much of this stems from? Creation stories like the Garden of Eden that claim that we’re innately “bad,” and have to “prove” our worth. Origination of duality, separation into this density. The Truth – as I understand it – is that we are the Creator energy that created all of this, and we’re just embodying in the illusion of separateness to see different facets of this infinitely incredible multiversal gemstone of Divine Consciousness. We we start to remember things that way, then there’s not such thing as “bad” or “not Divine” (“not me”). But that’s a discussion for another day!

For a more expansive perspective on this, watch my half hour Living the Shift livestream/podcast from April 22nd, embedded here for your convenience. 

Whenever I feel like something in my life is lackluster, limited, or doesn’t seem to go past a certain point, poking around at beliefs of unworthiness is where I start feeling around. Take a look in the mirror at what you feel is lackluster, limited, or challenging in your life and ask, “Where in here can this be related to some belief I have around unworthiness?” And see what comes up!

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Much love (and worthiness for both of us!),


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