Why do you think we are born into this world? Why do we choose to incarnate? Is it just to live a random amount of time then die?  Are we here to accomplish a specific purpose?

I think most agree that we are here to “do” something. Could that something be as simple as finding peace within ourselves? Complete and utter acceptance of who we are? And then allow whatever unfolds from that to unfold? Hmm, is that actually simple or the hardest thing ever?

Being the humans that we are, of course it isn’t that easy. What fun would that be? Where is all the uncertainty, doubt, fear, shame and plot twists we love so much? Where would we be if we all realized why we were here and then just did it? We would be living in a whole different world.

So why don’t we just do it? Be like Nike and “just do it”? Because we believe it isn’t that easy. We aren’t worthy to “just do it”. We don’t trust that this really is all there is to being here and we don’t trust ourselves to be able to “just do it”. And without that trust, we believe we don’t know what we’re supposed to do or be. Plus, there are parts of us we don’t like, or believe we don’t or shouldn’t like. So, we aren’t forgivable.

All of those beliefs compound themselves into a grand sense of it isn’t easy and it’s not my fault. I am a complete failure, and I don’t deserve love especially from myself. And so, the struggle begins. Chaos soon follows and these beliefs feel like they are set in concrete.

As a consequence of these beliefs, we set about creating behaviors that will mitigate the struggle and chaos. Never ending it because that would require unraveling all that we’ve done. We’ve worked hard to create all of this as well as master the levels of intricacies we have woven. We love our work within the struggle and chaos too much to allow it to end. We are willing to change “just do it” to “just let it be”.  And so, our hamster wheel of futility continues.

I, for one, am done with the wheel of futility. I want to feel worthy, trusting, guided, forgiven, self-responsible, fully accepted and, most of all, loved by myself. This is the journey to just doing it.

Let’s go,


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Gloria · May 19, 2021 at 6:04 pm

I agree with you and believe I am now off the hamster wheel, I spent so much time and energy on that wheel and I gotta tell you it does feel good to be off it. Now, I have to be mindful because I could fall back into old patterns and beliefs as we all can. I am so grateful for the work I’ve done and all the doorways that have opened and continue to open. Life is I believe about learning and willing to be open to change.

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