This time of the year typically brings about feelings and thoughts of endings. Seasonally and socially. The growing season shifts into its resting phase for most vegetation.  A time for recharging and restoring. Socially we celebrate the end of our calendar year and put to rest another 12 months into the history books. Out with the old and into the new. This new year 2022 has an energetic connection to 222 signifying a strong connection to beginning anew. You are exactly where you need to be, and the energy supports the alignment of who you really are.

Nature has its ways of ensuring balance for itself. Some are more uncomfortable for us to witness such as wildfires and hurricanes. Our natural state of being is to be in balance. We have our own way of ensuring balance, we create dis-comfort and dis-ease to show us when we are misaligned. I think we have had a few years of misalignment!

A new beginning springs from a new alignment. A new way to be ourselves! A new way to create our comfort and pleasure. A new way to expand our consciousness. As we shift and evolve, why would we continue the same practices, the same way, when what we have available to access in creation is different?

As a way of easing ourselves into this new alignment, lets retool some of our old ideas and allow them to nourish this new alignment. Vision Boards have been used for years by many to strengthen their creative focus towards achieving their goals. They typically have focused on the acquisition “things” or circumstances. So let’s realign this tool and begin our creations anew with a basis in the essences of consciousness that must precede the physical creation.

Imagine creating in a way you have yet to be able to define. How about creating in a way that allows the whole picture to simply come together in the way you most prefer…way beyond your wildest expectations!

Wouldn’t you want to create this easily? Want to know more? Let’s talk about this new beginning and alignment. If you missed our live discussions on this course, you can watch the recording here. 

I can’t wait to see what we can create anew in 2022!

Sarah Sieg Avignone


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