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About Ascended World

There’s currently SO MUCH spiritual and metaphysical information out there around enlightenment, ascension, “the shift”… yet, part of the biggest challenge is that we’ve gotten very distracted with the “shinies” (all of this colorful information beyond the 3D), and in many cases aren’t sure how any of it translates into what to actually do with this overload of information. Visions, multiple dimensions, understandings from other parts of the multiverse, “channelings” of higher consciousness… how do we apply it all?

Most of all… how do we implement and LIVE all of this information, all of this Remembrance, DIFFERENTLY, and right now?

Angela Coulter and Sarah Sieg Avignone have found a purpose in creating this space to bring together soul tribe of active ascended existence, all focused on flowing forward and experiencing differently, in new ways, free of old context and the weight of history and “how it’s always been done.” Through interchanges and sharing personal experiences, challenges, and goals for creation, in Ascended World all is continuously examined and integrated ias new tidbits of concepts, understandings, and epiphanies from personal levels in ways that ALWAYS translate into the collective level… which will always translate back to anyone’s individual level, as well.

If you’re here, you’re a part of this tribe, too! Join us in this Remembrance… in the hugeness, transformation, and different ways of existing in a world where we truly do it differently.
Explore our weekly audio podcast called Solving Me! Conscious Solutions to Everyday Problems, with new episodes posted every Monday morning.


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About Angela

Angela Coulter is an intuitive life change agent, consciousness transformation guide, and master energy healing facilitator and instructor whose focus is helping even some of the most adept seekers break through their “blind spots,” brick walls, and plateaus to create real, conscious change beyond where they’ve ever gone before.

She’s the originator of Trinity Energy Progression, a “next level,” continually evolving consciousness practice and advanced healing modality that she intuited in 2011. She’s taught this incredible practice to many who, as a result, have taken major leaps and bounds into their fulfilled potential.

She has also been well practiced and trained in a range of different energetic healing modalities, and is an ordained minister of the Order of Melchizedek.

Beyond the consciousness practices, Angela has been active in holistic and organic living and fitness for decades. She’s been practicing martial arts for more than 14 years and is an actively practicing 3rd degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu, which supports and enhances living in balance of body, mind, and spirit.

For more information, see Angela’s Website.



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About Sarah

Most of the time she answers to Sarah Sieg Avignone, other times Mom, Say,… She describes herself as a Spiritual Realist & Change Master. In other words, she specializes in the discovery, integration and application of your authentic self within your busy life all while maintaining presence, compassion and the bigger picture dynamics.
She has helped numerous people develop and apply tools and skills to bring about significant changes to their mindset and ultimately, their life. Sarah began learning, living and expanding her spiritual toolset in 2004.
Sarah is a teacher and wants to be your biggest supporter, but ultimately you do the work — your success is a direct result of your dedication and commitment to this process.

Find out more about Sarah on her Website.

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