We are dedicated to offering experiential programs that support a complete shift in existence, helping to go from a place of limitation and victimhood to a place of Remembrance, expanded consciousness, and freedom while simultaneously living in full Presence in our physical forms.

This focus is beyond where many have previously gone; there’s typically a “stop point” that is believed to be “the limit.”

We have the understanding that we’re infinite, infinitely capable, once we tap into what we’ve forgotten is already there. Pushing through the discomfort of the ego – in letting go of its analytics and boxes – to Realization via higher consciousness.

Ready to be free? Come along with us through our Ascended Academy Course Portal

  • Adventures in ONEderland: 7 Degrees from Separation, a 7-month deeply shifting journey of discovery in bite-sized bits
  • Dive Deep Consciousness Immersion Weekend Introduction (Coming June ’21)
  • Dive Deep Consciousness Immersion Weekend Membership (Coming 3Q21)