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The realization of living in peace, love, expanded consciousness, and wholeness is much different than what many think. Much of what holds us back energetically has to do with judgments we have deeply embedded; in many cases, these judgments are so deeply embedded that we aren’t even conscious we have them.

To truly love others, you must first love yourself.” First and foremost is for us to get to unconditional self love; to get to unconditional self love is for us let go of those judgments… not just with others, but ourselves.

One may ask, “Why forgiveness? What does that have to do with it?” 

When we hold a judgment, we have something the ego holds in exclusion, in some way. When we hold anything in exclusion, we prevent ourselves from Realizing our wholeness, and perpetuate the idea that something is outside of us. When we recognize it’s all us, it’s not only an act of forgiveness, but apology, forgiveness, acceptance, love, and gratitude for the lessons that are now being completed in realizing that wholeness within. It’s one of the biggest acts of love we can give ourselves!

Join us for 28 days on a journey through forgiveness, in all aspects, at all levels: the world/collective, others/victimhood, relationships, and self. Every day, you’ll spend 15-20 minutes total with us, where we will focus on one specific area for forgiveness.

Each day will include a new affirmation (and creation statement), a reflection exercise, and a short video including the day’s topic discussion from expanded consciousness with a meditation and energy clearing. All participants also have access to an online forum, open for live questions, insights, and discussion in addition to what is experienced in the daily exercises and recordings.

Simple and powerful; notice what shifts for you over the course of 4 weeks!

Cost $128 USD
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