Want the “Magic Pill” to Wellness, Well Being, and Nourishment?

The buck stops here. Changing your life to empowerment, consciousness, and wellness is about connecting the (non-linear) dots most don’t even realize are there to connect.
We’re here to help you with that.
Are you tired of “getting sick,” and/or are paralyzed with fear around the possibility?
Are you confused at so much conflicting information out there – more than ever before – about what causes “sickness” and “wellness,” along with what you “should” and “shouldn’t” do? 
Are you discouraged, done with feeling limited in your life?
Have you been exploring the expansion of your consciousness and feel like you’re stuck and you’re still experiencing fear, discouragement, disease, and limitation?

After decades of fitness, diet, holistic health, and physical and energy medicine, the dots have all come together for us…

With a LOT of qualifications, certifications, and exploration (see About Us), and helping many, many others, we’ve been guided to create this program to help others get the boost of understanding they need to “connect the dots” and finally get there. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been on some kind of life course targeted “find wellness” for months, years, or decades – if you were guided here, then we can help you “take it to the next level”!

There’s so much conflicting information out there right now on “what to do” to be healthy… want to get to what REALLY works for you? It’s probably not what you THINK it is…

Are You Ready to Change All of That?

Are you ready to stop searching and to finally get your true answers on what and where your wellness is? Ready to get beyond your physical, mental, environmental challenges for good (and for real)?

It’s time to dive into the quantum physics of how form follows thought, realization and utilization of our own consciousness of perfect health that is already within us, and how to connect all of this and use these understandings to help support moving forward in the physical body differently with the primary source of guidance coming from WITHIN, first and foremost!

Let’s be honest: It’s going to be a lot of REALLY looking in the mirror at many levels, a LOT of taking self-responsibility… and with that comes a lot of stepping into your own power.

Are you ready to dig deep, to look into the mirror and see how it’s all connected within you… and how you have all the answers, but so often overlook them when coming from within?

If you’re ready – and only if you’re really ready – this program is for you!

We’ll be exploring, in depth

  • What IS health?
  • How do I know?
  • What do I do about it?
  • Looking at my Shadow side (and the things I’ve hidden away from myself)
  • How to see and exist in the Whole picture, from a new and much different place of creation

We’ll take 5 weeks in 1-hour classes each week, as BOTH of us go through these 5 key areas to look at across the board in the 5 areas of wellness – physical, mental, emotional, environmental, spiritual – talk about how they all connect, where the “problems” and limitations come from, and how to change them. A true 5x5x5!

So synchronistic!  If you want to look at numerology, 5 is a number about mastering change and the ability to go with the flow and adapting to thrive in different environments and social situations… with 360-degree vision! EXACTLY what we’re here to provide in this program!


  • 5 weeks of online classes with BOTH instructors, Angela Coulter and Sarah Sieg Avignone
  • Exercises, resolution, and energy clearings to help open the path every week
  • Membership to the Immunity Consciousness online discussion group, where we will have interaction, holistic recommendations, livestreams, meditations, and clearings to help support your journey
  • Discounts on other offerings by either facilitator

When putting this together, we were stuck on a price. When we added up the hours for both of us, and what we would charge one-on-one for these kinds of services via our individual practices, the total came easily to $3,000 combined! However, as we want this to be easily available to as many as possible, we wanted to be able to offer it for a reasonable price. We’ve been guided to offer the whole package at $555!

Sign up today to join us for this transformative ride!
Let’s do this together!