Click here to watch this half-hour “Intro to ONEderland,” an introduction to the series (presented/recorded 4/1/21)

Have you been on a journey of consciousness, and taken so many classes, read so many books, and yet there are  areas in your life where you feel limited, and as if nothing you’ve done has been able to change them?

Are you ready to master your life, and your creations, once and for all, in ALL of the physical, mental, emotional, environmental, and spiritual areas of your life?

First we would like to say: It’s not what you THINK it is!

Nothing is, in this reflection-based (and therefore) backwards set of dimensions! If all we see and experience is a mirror to what’s within ourselves (as we understand it is), then in many ways, it’s all “the opposite” of what we believe it is – as a mirror reflects the opposite of what it’s reflecting. So, OF COURSE it’s easy to misinterpret, misunderstand, and look in the opposite direction of what and where something really is about. We created it that way; It ensures we perpetuate the experience of separation!

Time to change that!

We are SO EXCITED to leap into the rabbit hole with you, as we join paths for this 7-part adventure into the cracks and crevices that are the very energies that are holding so many back, in Remembrance and in life! Yet these areas are often skimmed over,If you’re ready to COMMIT to YOU and your empowerment, and you can prioritize a dedicated 15-20 minutes (mostly) daily to your progression… let’s do it together! The journey to ONEderland in 7 Degrees from Separation is 7-course journey of bite-sized yet very effective shifting that will help you to FINALLY create the HUGE shifting in your life you’ve desired!

Beginning May 2021, this incredible program includes a course dedicated to each of these seven core areas where we are most often blind to within ourselves:

Each course – independent in itself and yet deeply interconnected with the others – includes a workbook, daily exercises, affirmation/creation statements, and recordings from us with a meditation and energy clearing in each. We also add you to a private Facebook group, for ongoing live discussion and bonus materials and videos and lives from time to time.

We’re dedicated to empowering you to break through whatever is still challenging you… and for you to truly step into your infinite potential! Are you ready for that investment in yourself? Come over to our Ascended Academy Portal and see the AWESOME opportunity we’re offering to sign up; you can sign up for each individual course, or you can sign up for the whole program at once, for a 20% discount